Any free content-writing services on-line?

I am searching for someone who might write content for my web-site so that it looked professional and appealing. Any ideas?Any free content-writing services on-line?

of course I’m not sure, but I don’t think that somebody will write content for your site absolutelly for free, but I can suggest you one thing…

Why don’t you try to exchange writing services to your own services?
Just try to offer your stuff to the writers and ask them to write several pages of text about you and your theme. This is works for me several years ago, not sure about now, but why don’t you try?

good luck :slight_smile:

I have not idea for free but if u want quality paid content then see this some.

Here was an idea I was thinking. I have a domain with historical significance, so what I was thinking was to post something in the faculty of history in universities saying that if you wrote about “X” topic, I would like to publish it on my website. You get unique content and the writer gets their 5 min of fame.

hmm, very nice idea, this could work :tup:

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get someone willing to work for free, unless:
a) they’re trying to build a portfolio and are looking for experience, or
b) they’re looking to specifically get a link on your website, or
c) they’re trying to break into a specific niche, or
d) you have compromising polaroids of them.

Free text-based articles can be found in the mainstream article directories, e.g. ezinearticles, goarticles, articlesbase, etc, and you can publish/reprint from these for free provided you follow the rules regarding links and bios. The drawback here is that it won’t give you unique content, which really, you need.

It would take more than that for me to work for free. :rofl:

Free content? We all cool for free $$$ but no one finds this you know. I think only scrapers get free content and then get shut down by google and everyone else.

Try to write your own articles

Yes, you could try to approach anyone you’ve noticed in the offline world who might be chuffed to see their stuff up on a website…they’d tell everyone they know to go and read it…offer them a monthly ‘column’ spot. It would be at your discretion to determine if their writing was up to standard.

Most people don’t realise the money that moves around on the internet. And some of these are people who can write, and like to voice their opinions. In fact, my step-father-in-law is just such a person - I’m going to have word with him!!

Guest blogging is popular so with the right appeal you might be able to find someone. Not sure where to look though.

You want professionally written content for your site, but you want it handed over to you for free? Good luck with that.

Some website owners might be happy to write an article for your site as a “featured expert” or something along those lines, in which they are allowed to include their link along with their article.

Think networking and mutual benefit, rather than getting something valuable for free.

I also need completely free content writing.But,if there have any software,it also help me.Can anybody help me?

Unless there’s something in it for the writer, I can’t see many good writers offering their services for free when they could just be doing paid work instead.

Yes its very unlikely that you will get someone to write free articles. I try to write articles myself but for faster turn-around and good quality articles which are 100% copyscape passing, i do use writers. i do use a couple of them who do very good job and dont charge that much.