Any fishermen/fisherwomen?

I wasn’t really into fishing for the longest time, but after watching my brother jam his deep freeze with over a hundred sockeye salmon fillets from one of the largest salmon runs in history, I am slowly starting to get back into it.

Any other members here regular anglers? What was the first fish you ever caught?

For me: 35lbs spring salmon off the coast of Vancouver Island. I’ll see if I can dig up the picture…

wow, nice pics. i belive the marine fishing is the best!!

Yeah, my late grandfather was a fisherman/hunter/trapper - old school bad ass until the end.

My brother is trying to sell me on steelhead season this December, but I fear I just may freeze my jujubes off. :injured:

Nice pic and big fish!.. my grandfather was a fisherman. We used to live near the beach and when it’s low tide, lots of shrimps in our doorstep:D

I remember catching countless bluegills in my grandfather’s pond on his farm in southwest Michigan.

For info on the legend of the Fisher King, see:

For info on the Kingfisher, see:

And here’s an old poem about the Fisher King, written prior to T.S. Eliot’s masterpiece, “The Wasteland”:

And a man stood there, as still as moss,
A lichen form that stared;
With an old blind hound that, at a loss,
Forever around him fared,
With a snarling fang half bared.

I looked at the man; I saw him plain;
Like a dead weed, gray and wan,
Or a breath of dust. I looked again–
And man and dog were gone,
Like wisps of the graying dawn…

	--Madison Cawein, "Wasteland"

When I was 10 or so, my father and I went out on a lake my great grandparents lived on. We would normally get 5 or so perch, enough for dinner. My great grandmother would insist on cleaning them herself. Once we found a school of perch, our count was over 40. My grandmother was beside herself when we said open the ice chest.

You bring back memories for me!

I haven’t been fishing for a lot of years. The last time I went out with my cousin fly fishing on our local reservoir (after trout). To get to the best spots we had to row through the tunnel under the causeway, but after a few hours, with not so much as a nibble, a storm blew up and we started to row back to the cabin. We reached the causeway but the wind was against us, and trying as hard as we could we just couldn’t get through. Eventually after 1/2 hour or so we got to the mouth of the tunnel and used the oars on the walls to push us through, it was a struggle but we made it to the other side - and then the storm just subsided, leaving us knackered, floating on a mill pond! We called it a day and went down the pub :slight_smile:

Wow! What the hell is that? :eek:

nice catch!

unfortunately i can’t remember my first fish, as i have been fishing since i was born. but the biggest i can still remember, as it was 55+ feet long :smoke:

Ha, found it! Summabeach fought for 20+ minutes - hence my brother having to help me lift it.

Yeah, a cold one after a long day of fishing is just beautiful. :weee:

it’s a basking shark - the biggest i have ever seen. Got it outside Røst in Lofoten, Norway, in the spring of 93. :cool:

When i was a kid, my neighbour got one of these. he managed to attach some rope to it and fastened it to his boat, but he had to go forward with full speed, or it dragged the boat down. There was a lot of people waiting at the pier for him, and they managed to hook it on to a big crane when he passed the pier with his boat.

Such a great memory :slight_smile:

I used to go with my father when I was a kid… but it has never been one of my favourite hobbies.