Any expert Facebook users here?

Hello! I am thinking about using facebook api to publish things to facebook. But I am not too familiar with Facebook features, I just recently got my account just to look around.

From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like you cannot have html in the ‘wall’ items.
Is this really the case? Can you add any html formatted document anywhere in your facebook account?
What I want my app to do is to allow publishing items to facebook from my CMS, so I want to post an article like a blog post to CMS and it would post it also to my Facebook. The problem is I am not sure if HTML is allowed.

Does anyone know the definite answer?

Start here, see how you go:

I already read about the Facebook Connect feature, looks very different from oAuth, but not too difficult.

I recently finished the Twitter based site, so now trying to learn about Facebook, as it looks like these 2 are going to be the most popular sites in the near future.

I think there must be a way to add some formatted html to the ‘wall’ because I"ve seen the ‘wall’ of someone else with embedded image that was linked to an article. I think the only way to add formatted html is through the API, because their web interface runs everything though htmlentities()

ive recently used facebook api writen in php i can help u with what you need is there a problem with it itself or what? as i wrote a whole game in facebook abit hard to explain but ur guy gets units and it increases every 15 minutes and yea.

but i wouldnt call myself an expert.