Any eCommerce solution for my needs?

Hello all,

I am wondering if their is a pre-made solution for what I need for a website I have in mind.

I will be selling digital content for download but that is not the hard part, I need to be able to pay multiple commissions for each item on the site. One for the artist, one for the programmer, ect. I need to be able to generate commission reports and/or checks based on sales monthly that can be used to pay the individuals involved in the creation of the content.

This is a brand new site, so we need solutions for the whole site, Shopping Cart, Payment Processing, Commission Tracking for sales as outlined above, content delivery and any other back end solutions we have not thought of yet.

I appreciate any advice you can provide, I have a background in website design, but no knowledge of web site programming.

Thank you in advance.
David A.

Hi David,

You need to hire a programmer to get the website up. Or you can use the open source cms in order to get the website done soon.

Then based on your requirement, you can set the shopping cart in the website easy and for commission tracking, you will need a programmer who can threw the submitted data directly to the database and get the complete sheet ready from there.

Try Wordpress for selling digital contents. It may help you.


Hi David,

WordPress does offer ease of use for website design and selling digital content. I’ve seen some people use MarketPress, as a WordPress plugin for e-commerce. Another option to explore once you have your site designed, is an eCommerce payment platform. There are solutions for payment processing and commission tracking with certain payment platforms that can help accomplish your needs. Each sale can be designated a certain percentage to yourself and to any other individuals automatically. You can try doing a Google search for ‘Payment Processing Tools’, and see if any of those companies fit your needs.

Hope this helps!