Any Canadian recommendations?

Hi folks!

I’m a UK-based designer and normally use a UK-based host for all my clients, but I’m taking on a new Canadian-based client (an old friend) and am thinking about going for a Canadian-based web hosting company. Any recommendations from the other side of the pond?

The website will be for a new small business (music agent for bands) so will be looking for a fairly basic shared hosting solution, with a few GB webspace, decent bandwidth and PHP/MySQL - but want a reliable host with good customer service.


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I use a Canadian host which is a bi-business in both Canada and the US. My suggestion is find a package you like and make sure you do some currency conversion to see how much you are paying.

UK uses pounds so obviously you want to make sure the price is right.

How does it matter which country a host is in? Generally they have servers in different countries. So if you pick up a host say Rochen, they’d generally have a server near Canada or nearby and they’d put your site on to that server.

Or am I wrong? Does it really matter?

You may try [B][U]Webserve Canada[/U][/B]

I have heard they are good and have an extremely responsive technical support team.

Check some deals on the as well. They have a section for offers and they have a section where you will be able to request a free quote.

i think netfirms is a Canadian hosting company. i have used them 3-4 years ago and have a good experience

If you could be a little more flexible, you would be able to get quite a few deals on shared hosting from the US based webhosts. A lot more choice is available.

However, if you are keen only on a canadian host, then you may have to wait a little more. You may check on the options mentioned before in this thread. Google may help too.

Hey, Drip Host - Experience The Network - Web Hosting, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting is a canadian based provider. There servers are in Toronto, Ontario and there prices are in $us.

I suppose you as designer have the web hosting solution already (most likely you have reseller account) - so try to host your friend on your own web hosting solution and then if he is not happy start the search for another one.

SiberForum makes a good point. Why not just get a reseller and make some side cash with your client too? You are designing so most likely the client will need hosting as well.

It is Canadian, though it got bought by EIG recently. I think the servers are still in Canada though.

My experience hasn’t been that great with them though. The servers have always been a bit slow, and, probably due to the Canadian location, connectivity isn’t necessarily the best it can be, especially to more remote parts of the world. But, if a site’s audience is almost strictly Canadian, then it probably makes sense to host in Canada. Personally, I think it there would be little to no negative effect to host in the US though, and the range of high quality hosts would be much greater.

Just want to say that there are many Canadian hosts which are worth your attention, you know all depends on your needs and budget and you may start from an inexpensive company, I mean sibername dot net.
In any case surfing the Internet you are able to find the best company which suits your needs completely.
Just my point of view.

Any host based in Canada or the US would be suitable. You could try bluehost, gator, or webserve.

It all depends on what other characteristics are important to you bluehost offers a variety of services as do most of the other web host.