Any books you could advise one

Hello. Was just writing to enquire about HTML,CSS and PHP learning books.
I am interested in learning those launguages. But dont know where to start or how.
I just today bought a book called “learn HTML in a weekend” By steve calighan… Sinply becouse it was £3

But then realised if i want to learn this properly i will need feedback on some good resouses and advice on where to start…
Any advice will be apreciated

Thanks in advance

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SitePoint has a great range of books on those topics. Give Build Your Own Site the Right Way by Ian Lloyd is a good one to start with, as well as Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site, by Kevin Yank.

learn from W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

Please don’t reference W3Schools. It is a terrible website full of poor information that does nothing but spread poor coding practices to unknowing web developers.