Any books that'll teach me advanced concepts about SEO in web design?

There are lot of basic concepts on the internet about including seo techniques in web design. However, are those basics enough? I have some doubts…but I was hoping to learn a lot about it.


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It depends on what the techniques are. Basic concepts are also important. Such as alt attributes on images, avoid flash, meta tags, quality content (really the backbone of good ranking). The content is really teh most important thing of good rankings. Backlinks are another. The more sites that display your links on their pages, the better.

We aren’t allowed to discuss SEO on this forum though (though to what extent I don’t know, we may have already crossed the line)

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The problem with getting books on SEO is that very few people know enough about SEO to write a book on it, and it’s a fast changing game. What works really well this year might be a dead technique by next year. And that’s because, beyond the basics that Ryan has mentioned above, search engines don’t want webmasters to be “doing SEO”, because that just makes their job a whole lot harder, and they then have to spend their whole time trying to thwart the webmasters who are subverting the system. It’s a technological arms race that Google is going to win, and the simple reason for that is that they make up the rules as they go along, and they won’t tell you what all the rules are.

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Also Thanks for enlightening me on this SEO subject… looks like… I’ll have to stick to the basics. I just want to make sure I wasn’t too behind on the entire SEO thing. Basics are good with me!