Any book suggestions on Regular Expressions

I’ve been programming now 10 years - mainly in PHP and Javascript, and I still have trouble with regular expressions. Over the winter I’d like to take the time to remedy that in my spare time, but was wondering if there where any good books or sites on the subject.

About my current skill level: I do use regex occasionally, but its enough of a bugbear to me that I’ll avoid it unless the alternative is very inefficient or infeasible. Usually I crib other people’s expressions and modify them until I can get them to work. What I’m looking for is to get to a level where I’m really comfortable with creating them on my own. I’m pretty sure I could handle something intermediate level.

(Filed here since regex appears in several programming languages, though each language’s implementation varies slightly)

I use Regular Expression Pocket Reference by O’Reilly, it has been my go to book for years!

It’s not a book, but I really like
I like to think I’m pretty versed in regex, and most of what I know about it comes from that website.

I usually just use whatever is available as an online resource. @rpkamp mentioned, which is a great resource, but where I work, it’s blocked. So, wherever Google points me that isn’t blocked, that’s what I use.


I also mostly use that book.

Another good book is Regular Expression Cookbook

If videos are more your thing, I recommend this video course:

Mastering Regular Expressions by Jeffrey E Friedl published by O’Reilly is a great book if you want to really learn how Regular Expressions work.

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