Any better alternative to Blogger?

Hi guys ! I am new here :slight_smile:
I want just to ask if you know any better alternative to Blogger in terms of SEO.
In order understand SEO, I published my same three articles in various sites such as Hubpages, Bukisa, expert column, wikinut and Google Blogger.
Surprisingly when I do search on Google, all my published articles show up except the ones I have published in Google Blogger.
To curb this problem with Blogger articles, I have spawned many links on several forums, so I received about 400 page impressions and 180 views.
But, despite of that, I cannot find Blogger articles in search engines even if I copy past a big chunk of text on Google search-box.
I don’t know why search engines find easily Hubpages, Bukisa, expert column, wikinut even when they had only 2 view pages, while search engines failed all time to find my articles published in Blogger.
What do you think of Blogger in terms of SEO ? do yo know any cheap alternative to Blogger ?
Thanks a lot guys :cool:

An alternative can be is best platform to get maximum result from search engine…

Thank you guys !
I have heard about but don’t know how much does it cost? :slight_smile:
do you know their prices?

I thought I was here in an a professional platform. :rolleyes: does not allow you use your own advertisements :lol:
So, is not a Blogger alternative at all.

I have heard it many times that blogger blogs have some difficulties in crawling and indexing.Also commenting complement of blogger is not according to the ultimate standards.I think wordpress,tumblr are better than blogger.

Wordpress. Blogger has shut me down 3 times.

I too had the same problem some months before. So, i have just left those blogging sites like blogger that delays to be indexing in Google and started concentrated on those sites like tumblr, wordpress and so on.

Try wordpress