Any alternative to wmode = transparent for z-index alteration?

Is there any alternative to wmode = transparent when trying to make the flash movie go behind all other items on the page? z-index doesn’t work and I need to not have wmode transparent because issues with firefox make it so I can’t achieve the actionscript effect I need.

The alternative is wmode=opaque

Thanks, I searched that however the problem still exists in Firefox because of how we are doing it (jQuery thickbox being activated from Flash).

The only three values wmode can have are ‘transparent’, ‘opaque’, and ‘window’. ‘window’ is the default and forces the Flash element in front of everything else. So if neither ‘transparent’ or ‘opaque’ is working then there has to be something elsewhere in your code that is arranging the layers in the wrong order.

No it’s true it’s not a layering issue - it is a problem with how some browsers read wmode. From my tests I seem to find that wmode is applied after all css z-indexes are applied on the render of the page. So wmode forces itself to the bottom in newest Firefoxes and Chrome browsers. IE (for once) is the only one that applies them correctly realizing that wmode is used for transparency purposes only and stacks the flash piece in the z-index specified.
A similar problem with newer non-IE browsers is the layering of div objects under a flash piece that have overflow set to them. The flash will appear below any div with an overflow set and removing the overflow (javascript subbing out css class with one that does not include overflow attributes) will allow the piece to reside on top.
Honestly this does become a significant problem for unusual layouts with mixed interactive flash content with traditional html. (e.g. flash navs that need submenus to appear over layered body divs.)
If anyone gets a fix on this or finds out if anything is being done about it i’d be highly interested.

Oops I forgot to note there that if you divs are z-indexed inside a relative container div this seems to happen. If each div is simply absolutes then the layering won’t be disregarded unless again there’s an overflow set. And that’s only in non IE. Also if anyone is having this problem and your using swfobject for flash inserting - try using their non dynamic way of doing it instead of the one liner version. That may solve your problem completely.