Any alternative to Screenr for screen recording?

In the past, I often used Screenr to make video recording for showing new design, troubleshooting problems that I encounter or sharing some programing techniques. However, Screenr close down because of the Java issue recently. Thus I need to search for other workable online screen recorders that do not require installing java.

Then I found Screencast-O-Matic, I really like it, but the video that made by the free version is always attached with watermark, this is quite annoying. And I can only make a video within 15 minutes.

Later, I found that Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder makes some big changes and does not rely on Java anymore. It’s simple to use. With it, I can now record the screen activity on my desktop and even add annotations like arrows, texts to make my video more instructive. It’s indeed useful.

Any other suggestions? I prefer free screencast tool. Hope you guys can give me more options, then I can take my pick. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I recommend ActivePresenter. It’s something I use. It’s free and you can select any part of the screen and record it. You can also record an active window.

The best part: No watermarks. I just hate it when you are trying to record a professional screen cast and at the end of the video. You find out that they synced their watermark on your video. With ActivePresenter, that’s not a problem. You can record as long as you want and you have the ability to edit your videos as well.

The only down-fall for ActivePresenter is that if your video is long like 30 minutes to an hour, when you export that to .mp4 or .avi, .etc it’ll take long to convert.

Camtasia is what most of our team uses. There’s a free trial, and you can find it for pretty cheap if you hunt around for a sale. It’s very flexible, and allows quick editing within the app.

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I really like ScreenFlow, but it’s not free. But as a simple alternative—if you’re on a Mac—you can make a screen recording with Quicktime Player. One advantage of this is that you can select the area you want to record, whereas you just get the whole screen with ScreenFlow (and thus have to do more editing afterwards).

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I’ve been using LICEcap for a while. It serves my limited needs well

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Yep, that’s good too—especially for handy little animated GIFs. Even works on Mac!

Thx 4 the info. Your recommendation is nice. Since Chrome blocked Java, it is hard to find a suitable tool for screen recording.

You could try taking a look down this list for ideas -

I’ve used Fraps in the past which seemed to work well enough for what I needed at the time, but I’ve not really used it for trying to do quite what you’re looking for.

IIRC I think my work uses CloudUp and it seems to be an easy service to use. I’ve only used it for image uploads but I’ve seen screencasts done by CloudUp.

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Sorry, correction. It’s

I usually use this screen recorder. It’s a free online application. Like ActivePresenter, it also has no watermark and no recording time limitation.

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