Antventure / Adgile Scam. Do not use

As title said. Antventure used to pay ontime no matter if it’s a big or small amount UNTIL last October. That when was I got their last payment and then after that all months earnings are unpaid. No matter how many emails I sent there were no response. I dropped them early this year after not getting my payments at all.

Then I am so pissed that they simply changed their name to Adgile and thought they can get away with all their owing. Even now you can see the old site AntVenture is now Adgile tells you they are now [url=]Demand-Side Platform - Adgile DSP. So with a simple change of a name they think they can rinse and repeat such scam tactics? I am just posting to warn people and it is also something I said I will definitely do if I don’t get my payment. They should shut down and go out of business if they are not willing to pay publisher for their impressions.

Whatever it is, Adgile or Antventure, when you email them about payment you expect your email goes to a black hole. No response forever.

Unfortunately a lot of networks work like this - short sighted approach.

Thanks for letting us know.

Yes it is very difficult to find the real one; therefor, I think if we all use forums to share our experience like “yycc” it will be a favor to ourselves. Thank “yycc” very much.