hi,I am now using ESET smart security.But i have been facing a problem for last few month.The problem is when i connect net the hole computer stop work.It hang for a while.What is the solution?

The first thing is to verify that it is this particular AV program that is causing the problem. An obvious way to do that is to temporarily disable it while you connect, to see if the problem goes away (but be sure to re-enable it immediately afterwards, otherwise you will be unprotected).

If you are sure that ESET is causing the problem, you should contact the company for support.

ESET Smart Security is an established product, and I doubt if there is anything fundamentally wrong with it. But they do offer personal support, so it’s worth getting in touch.


yes i am sure that it is happening for ESET.When i removed it that is all ok.But when i installed it again than my browser is not responding/hang during net connect.

Then you should go ahead and contact the vendor.


I had this issue as well never got to the bottom of it ,just gave up and installed kaspersky internet security instead. was not prepared to spend the rest of my life sorting it out.