Another question about selling a website

Hi I hope this post is appropriate.

I have just started looking at flippa but i would like some advice before paying for my site to be listed.

I have a site lying around which i have not had a chance to do anything with. The address is…


It is a cult movie reviews site. I understand that there are similar sites out there but due to the shear number and variety of films made, and films that will be made, i was hoping that i could still capture a segment of the market.

Anyway, the site is Joomla based and features an easy to use review and rating system.

Can someone offer any advice? Is this a sell able product? Do you think i would first need to populate the site with content and generate traffic / income before it has any value? I think i would struggle to do so if this is the case.

I would greatly appreciate your suggestions.


I think i would struggle to do so if this is the case.

just to clarify…
I originally started the site on the premise that a friend of mine would write the reviews since it is a passion of his but due to work obligations he has been unable to find the time.

In my opinion, people who want to buy websites at Flippa mostly consider:

  1. How much is your site?
  2. How much your site can earn a month and ESPECIALLY in the future?
  3. How should they manage your site if they have bought your site?

you should think about what the buyers would consider on their sides.

Good luck.

Basically you would be selling a domain as the site itself has no content and no history.

I wouldn’t bother as I think it would be unlikely that you would make anything off of it and maybe even be out your listing fees with no bids whatsoever.

The domain would be the only thing of value here and it is interesting but probably not worth much. You would be better off building out the content and getting some traffic before posting for sale.

Its a nice looking site and there is a chance that you will find a buyer willing to pay a little for the work you have done, but it probably won’t be much since there is neither content nor revenue. My guess is that you won’t get much more than the listing fee, but brand new sites without much more than your site do seem to sell on Flippa.

If you don’t have time to put content on the site and get revenue streams going, your better choices are (1) throw a post on a forum with domainers and see if there is any interest in the name (you might get a little more than the reg fee), (2) offer it in the marketplace section of a forum frequented by webmasters (getting $25 with no fee may be better than getting $60 on Flippa after considering the fees and the effort involved), (3) hold it until someone approaches you (which probably won’t ever happen, and in the meantime you will be paying renewal fees on the domain) or (4) save yourself the trouble and let it lapse.