Another domain stolen from ENOM


Few years ago my domain was stolen, I lost a lot of money, time. I’ve returned it only in about one year. I’ve paid to attorney in US for doing this $1800.

Now, another my domain was stolen and I can’t afford to pay for attorney.

What can I do now to return it by myself? Those guys from Enom never answered my questions. NEVER.

Any advice is appreciated.

We would need to know how it was stolen, but it seems rather strange to me that you would make the same mistake twice. Give us the details of the case and perhaps we can advise you further on what you’re up against. Without any information, my best guess would be to appeal to ICANN using their resolution policy, if you explain the situation to them (and it’s a gTLD) you might be able to appeal and reclaim what was taken. :slight_smile:

How exactly was it stolen? Someone transferred it right from your account? Have you contacted Enom/ICANN about this?

You explained your position and Registrar’s position your self.
We transfered all our domains from Enom to DirectI and very happy.

Ask the guy who has stolen to return it to you - negotiate.
Good luck.

I wonder in which way all of your domain names were stolen?

You said it was stolen… Hmm and they did not contact you and never inform that is about to expire domain name?