Another Cross Browser Issue - Contact Form

On this page Link I have a contact form which is how I want it to be in Firefox but in IE8 the overall size it is slightly smaller and I don’t know why. It is also not the right size in a few other browsers. The bottom border shouod be in line with the bottom of the map.

Does anybody know what is causing it and how I can fix it?

Thanks as always

Different browsers sometimes apply styling slightly differently, particularly with form elements. If you give it a min-height of 540px (that’s the height of the left-hand element, you may need to adjust for different padding and margins), that will work in all modern browsers.

You should use min-height rather than height to ensure that the form doesn’t break at large text sizes where it might need more than 540px.

Cheers Stevie D That worked perfectly, it seems so easy when you know how. Much appreciated.