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I failed in asking a German amateur photographer, who spends his winters in Thailand, to join the forum and contribute to this topic. Instead he supplied a thumb drive with many tree photos all about 2Mb each!

I uploaded the photos to my online album that uses Php curl() to resize the photos to make the page load faster.

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Some interesting trees but the quality is not great; I wonder what camera he used. I suppose he could be deliberately distorting them etc. A couple look like photos taken off a monitor.


Yes, some nice trees, but definitely pics taken from pics. His own probably, I did the same thing with my childhood pics, after risking losing them due to water infiltration.

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The page shows the Php curl() generated images, three sizes are available to suit monitor size. The original photo may be seen by clicking on the image. I have not checked to see if the Exif data is available.

As you may have guessed, many of the photos were taken in the South African Bush and from inside a car. Far safer than venturing outside :slight_smile:

I was surprised at some of the tree trunk’s diameters. More than the width of his car and also the trees do not seem very tall. Strange, very strange!

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I’ve moved these posts to a new topic, so you can discuss to your hearts’ content, without interrupting the “Photo Challenge” thread.

(Also, that thread does specify the pictures must be your own, so this is better suited as an … er … off-shoot. )


The trees looks great. Yes maybe is lower quality pictures but we all become hi-tech maniacs. I love trees more then flowers. Cool pictures and beautiful places where the pictures are taken. I am Bonsai fan :slight_smile:


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