Annoying popup today

I keep getting a popup for a free book. I have closed it with the cross and every time I visit the site I get the popup; even when I stay on the site it pops up at various times. Due to time or scrolling down the page?
I do not mind getting it once but not every time I visit and it can popup while I am writing a post.

Thanks for letting us know Rubble, I’ve turned them off until we fix it.


I keep getting this, not to an annoying level, but as I’m logged in, why is it asking for my email address? As I’d like to see a later copy, I went through but it seems to be trying to make me sign up for a Sitepoint account, which is weird as I’ve already got one, and am signed in to it.

Of course, it doesn’t pop up again now so I can make an accurate note of exactly what the sequence is.

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