Annoying ALT + F "bug" in WordPress

When I’m in the WordPress (visual) editing mode and I press right ALT + F, I do not get this bracket “[” as I should, but the whole page jumps to the top, instead. ALT + F works properly in the text (HTML) mode and everywhere, including in this forum.

How can I get rid of ALT + F acting as a “Home” instead of “[” ? It happens both on and on the separate domains and in all browsers. I’m using Windows 7.

You simply have to use ALT Gr + 5 on the Top… wordpress use Tinymce, you can Add this shortcut by following this steps : Link


Hey He asking about alt +F which work for finding the terms. I have WordPress and it work good but whyn not in in his case is something different. Why we need an extra feature to add in wordpress? I guess it not good.

To boron is that it worlks on only your server or just in all?

To correct myself a bit, pressing ALT Gr + F in Wordpress results in a fullscreen view (when I’m in the visual edit) and thus overrides what I have on my keyboard at F, that is this bracket: [. Obviously, it is a WP feature and I would like to get rid of it, if possible. I can, of course, use left ALT + 91 on the numerical part of the keyboard to get that bracket, but ALT Gr + F is much more convenient.