What’s the best way to make online animations. Years ago I created a whole series of animations showing how different mechanisms work. I had all sorts of animations showing gears, levers, cams and so on all created in flash. I’m looking to create a whole new set as flash is no longer widely supported. What should I use?
Ideally these would be simple clean graphics that play in a loop as soon as the page is opened. I experimented a while back with html5 animations but had issues with the animations not working on some browsers.

I’d say CSS3 animations all the way, but they do come with their own limitations. In order to overcome those limitations I ended up writing a Javascript class that abstracts CSS animations.
I did this just for fun because I’m sure there are a ton of libraries out there that do the same thing.

Thanks! Is there some recommended software so that I can create rather than code?

Reading this might set you in the right direction:

Hi there robives,

you might also like to take a look at the HTML canvas element?

It is has excellent browser support…


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Any thoughts on using something like Adobe Animate to create animations ?

That’s a very different question to your original.


If you don’t want to code then that’s the way to go… Adobe Edge is like Adobe Flash except that it uses HTML5

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