Animated GIF on Website Backgrounds

I was wondering if it was possible to place animated GIF’s on My websites background. If so where would it be placed.

My background is currently fixed with a css file.

Put it the exact same place where the current background image is in your CSS file. CSS is indifferent to whether the gif file is animated or not.

I’m going to advise not doing that. There’s a 99.9% chance it’s going to distract visitors from your main content.

For example I want to place an animated gif on my background so its visible on either the left or right side.

I disagree.

You have underestimated that percentage by a huge amount.

Remember you are talking about the BACKGROUND. It goes BEHIND your content and provides a contrast to that content. Animated GIFs by definition do not fullfil the requirement for being background. They are FOREGROUND elements to attract attention from everything else on the page. Of course you can define your foreground as background but that isn’t very semantically meaningful.

I’ve never seen a proper use of an animated image as a background image, and can’t think of a good use either.

If you do that you’ll distract the visitors