Animated GIF for retina display

I want to make the gif on this page retina ready. My understanding is that I just need to make the source file 2x as large. But that file becomes too big to save as a gif.

Is there another way?

By “too big” do you mean that it has too many pixels or too many bytes?

If bytes are the issue, there are online service that can compress images quite well and even save them as a png that has fewer bytes than a gif.

Photoshop gives an error when trying to save because of the pixels (apparently it’s a known issue with gifs specifically).

gifs are normally fairly compact, B&W gifs are very compact… BUT 301 of them add up! Your gif is made of 301 images which create the smooth movement. That one gif is almost a megabyte (986 KB). Doubling its dimensions would fourple (quadruple, if you prefer) the byte size to almost 4 megabytes. In my experience, gifs don’t scale smoothly, so it’s probably not worthwhile to even try.

A megabyte is already a prohibitively huge image for a web page.

My 2 bits

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