Animated Flash Thermometer (Goal Meter) for Websites

I am looking for an animated thermometer, flash or not, to embed onto my website. Specs i require:

  • I need to embed 4 items onto my page
  • Each item needs to be updated when new information comes in; there are 3 different sources
  • I can use text, HTML or Images for each goal position
  • The items are resizeable; one of the items i want to cover half the page

The absolute best I’ve found is Flash Thermometer Ultimate. Though it cost pennies I’m a cheap ******* and was wondering if there is an equally complete free solution out there. If not then I will gladly scoop it up and help the economy. Just need to be sure.

AussieJohn did something along these lines a while back.
Here’s the original thread:
And the project’s homepage:

Maybe it helps you.

Thanks Pullo.

After checking it out i decided on purchasing Flash Thermometer Ultimate. It covers all my needs the best.

In case it helps others i got it from here.

No worries :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking the time to report back and let us know what worked for you.