Animate right w/jquery

how do i animate an element to the right w/jquery, javascript?
i used this code to animate some divs

'use strict';

var $slog1 = $("#slog1Js");
var $slog2 = $("#slog2Js");
var $slog3 = $("#slog3Js");

var $gears = $("#gearsJs");
var $shield = $("#shieldJs");
var $bulb = $("#bulbJs");

var $sq1 = $("#square1");
var $sq2 = $("#square2");
var $sq3 = $("#square3");

/*var $a = 1;*/


	var angle = 0;


works great, no problem. but when i tried to change any of the elements to animate to the right they just do not go anywhere. top, left, not right…
i am currently using this code

	//	$("#disclaimer").slideToggle('slow', function(){
		//	$("#toggle").toggleClass('active')
		$("#secondary").animate({width: 'toggle'});


to animate my side bar but am trying to edit the animation so it is smoother and comes in from the right.
Could i please get some advice on how to do this?


Can you post a link to a page where I can see this not working?

Hi Pullo will try to get something up today, right now it is just on local. thx for checking.