Animate.css Arrow Doesn't Display Until Scroll

I’m currently using on this page an animated down arrow within the slider with the use of ‘wow.js’. The problem is that the arrow doesn’t display until you ‘scroll’ down the page and then the arrow appears, bouncing. I want the arrow to appear once the page loads, not when the page is scrolled.

Is there a conflict somewhere. I know I’m only loading one instance of jQuery. I will be testing to see if I should change the order of the library scripts to see if that will make a difference, but I appreciate any input.

The only arrow that I seem to see is the upward-pointing arrow at the bottom right of the page after you’ve scrolled down for a bit.

That one though doesn’t seem to animate. Is that the one that you mean?

You should see an arrow appear on the slider when you start scrolling. You will see it appear and bounce. That is the one I’m referring to.

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