AngularJS novice to ninja book : missing an important step for ui-router tutorial

Hello everyone,

As I am new to AngularJs, I am reading the AngularJS from novice to ninja book,
In the 4th chapter, “Multiples views and routing”, I am talked about the transition from ng-routing to ui-routing (from page 94 to 96, particularly page 95).

But I had to figure out a step from myself for a while, looking for the problem with my result when following this pages. Indeed, the author has just missed to tell to replace, in the index.html, the tag <ng-view> </ng-view> with <ui-view></ui-view> (or <div class=“ui-view”>) as I did.

Hope this can help.


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Hi @loloof64,

I just had a look at the chapter concerned and you are correct. I’ll pass that on to the editors and get it corrected.

Thank you for taking the time to join the forums and point that out. It is appreciated.

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