Angular universal

Here is a text from angular io website regarding Angular universal

my question is in the screenshot … when I run this command , nothing happens …I’m confused with this command.

Can you please answer the query in the screenshot ?

This link seems to explain everything that command does.

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I have an existing regular angular project “helloworld

if I want to convert this into Angular Universal shall I run the following command ?

ng add @nguniversal/express-engine --clientProject helloworld

Is this correct ?

Considering that’s the command listed on that website under “Adding Universal to Your App”, i’m going to go with “Yes, that’s correct”.

I’m not an Angular developer though.


Then why it does not convert ?

It is supposed to create additional files and modify some files …right ? but it does nothing

please see this screenshot

well the big red words that say
Client app helloworld not found
is probably your giveaway, right?

I was running that command from inside helloworld

Do you mean I should run the command from outside helloworld ?
okay I tried this also …this also does not work

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