Angular novice to ninja - why node.js?

I bought a premium account so I could go through books and learn useful things for my job.

One of the books is Angular Novice to Ninja.

But that’s not exactly true.

The book seems to hinge on you not only knowing node.js but having a hosting account that allows you to install node.js.

I’m not a noob, but it took me a lot of googling and hunting only to figure out that godaddy won’t let you install it on certain hosting accounts.

There are no recommendations in the book on node.js resources either.

There are several books like this on sitepoint (php for example). Where the author advises you to install a certain framework, library, dependency, etc. but don’t give you the resources to learn that.

But without those dependencies, frameworks, libraries, etc. you can’t complete the book.

So my question is two-fold:



Can anyone recommend an actual resource for learning Angular from zero?

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