Angular 8 component error, I Think component loading before user logged in


Getting the following error message at compile time and before logging into the application.

This script itself works. if I login and go to the member dashboard, the application does load the list. I narrowed the error to the html component(member-dashboard.component.html) and narrowed even further down to whats causing the error message and I believe it has to do with the values its trying to load/list is’t, i think the application is trying to load before even logging into the application. I’m somewhat new to Angular but I’m assuming the member dashboard shouldn’t load before a user logs into the application??? or I’m wrong on my assumption

Error message received at compile time(Angular 8):

        7    templateUrl: './member-dashboard.component.html',
        Error occurs in the template of component MemberDashboardComponent.


<p>member-dashboard works!</p>
   <tr *ngFor="let val of this.getMemberList1">
       <!-- BUG: the getmember list and values causing the error message that appears at compile -->
        <td>{{ val['memIndex'] }}</td>
        <td>{{ val['memLastname'] }}</td>
        <td>{{ val['memEmail'] }}</td> 
<button class="btn btn-primary" (click)="logOut()">LogOUT</button>


	ngOnInit() { 
		.subscribe( data => { 
			this.getMemberList1 = data;	
			console.log( JSON.stringify(this.getMemberList1));
	logOut() {

sample output data that this component pulls in from a database.


use {{ val.memIndex }} instead.
Not sure if it helps, but Angular is a bitch… I’d very much imagine that it would bitch for as simple things as array accessors.

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