Angular 2 -- Upgrade to Angular 5 -- Guidance?

I am really enjoying the Angular2 courses in the Learning Paths
I finished the Node.js learning path, the beginning javascript learning path, and then the full stack javascript learning path.

I am excited to continue with Angular2 and finish this learning path…

However, and I am embarrassed to admit this since the instructor carefully made it very clear that we should stick to Angular2…I tried to upgrade to the current version.

I couldn’t help it!!! :slight_smile: I really wanted the -cli functioning and – well, anyway…my app broke.

I am a pretty quick learner…I am hoping someone would be willing to point me in the right direction to help me fix what I broke. It’s way way beyond what I am comfortable with…

I have been reading in the documentation at Angular and I understand some of it but it’s really – I am stuck.

Any guidance is very very appreciated. Thank you!!

The best way to fix the problem is to restore things back to how it was from a backup.

Did the instructor have you install any packages globally?

If not, you should just be able to delete your node_modules folder and re-run npm i to have npm pull in the correct dependencies (i.e. Angular 2).

If you have packages installed globally, either remove them and re-install the correct versions, or look into using a Node version manager. Using a version manager, you can pull in a fresh copy of Node (i.e. a different version from the one you have installed) and start from scratch.

Or, if you want to stay with version 5 and you’d like help fixing errors and so on, we’ll need to see some code.

Thank you both for your replies – I sat for a bit with my question and then remembered github :slight_smile: I did in fact take my repo for that project and start fresh…

I am using node version manager…and that idea kind of sounds interesting to try. I might see what I can do to teach myself how to upgrade to Angular5 but at least now it’s not an imminent issue.

Thank you again, so much for your replies.

It can help to have a guide to help you through the process. Here’s an article called How to upgrade from Angular 2 to Angular 5 apps that does a good job of it.

Thank you! I didn’t really expect to enjoy this stuff so much.
Appreciate this.

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