Android Splashscreen

Anyone has any idea what are the resolution for a splashscreen for android? I would like to get the ideal size for the low, medium and high density images. Any help will greatly be appreciated.

There isn’t one fixed size. Every phone can have a different resolution (just like monitors on a normal computer).

It looks like the three resolutions you’ll want to hit now are: 320x480, 480x854 (Droid), and 480x800 (Nexus One) (for mobile devices).

Tablets obviously have different sizes.

Ok understood but like the icons how it can be 32x32 and such can you have one high res image and the phone adjusts it to fit the screen?

Depends how you program it, but generally yes.

With some advanced systems (like jQuery Mobile), you can actually specify a high-res and low-res version and it’ll switch them appropriately.

The splash screen, is thing going to be a mobile website or a native application?

Some of the newer devices like the HTC Rezound have gone up to 1280x720 even. Keep that in mind as well.