Android Market and iTunes / App Stats

Hello all…

I work for a boutique design company and we released an iPhone app for a client in November. We are sturggling with stats, specificially stats regarding which advertising outlet is producing downloads. It makes advertising a challenge if we can’t tell which advertiser is producing. I would appreciate any input on what people have done to work around this.

In addition, we are about to release the Android version in about 2 weeks. Can someone tell me what stats Android Market provide?

Thank you!


Well, the best way of getting stats building Flurry or google analytics into your app. Then you can log into the backend and see what is going on.

Regarding Android market stats that depends on the app and marketing. All my companies apps do better on Android than on iOS without advertising

Hey NightStalker… Thanks for the input. Would Flurry provide details on where the downloads for the app are coming from or only internal details on what is going on within the app. I took a quick look the flurry site and did not see this.

I am looking specifically for stats on where the downloads are coming from. Ideally that would come from iTunes and Android Market. But I am learning that the app universe is still is its infancy and very little is “ideal” at this moment.

Thanks again!

Well, no, it just gives you downloads. You will need a different app to be created in flurry backend for iOS and another for android. The from where its downloaded, you will have to get from the respective market backends.