Android - Going through tutorials and hung up on a debugging issue - looking for help

I had recently bought a video tutorial of an android programming and am going through it using Eclipse. However, I am having some issues with the debugging and was wondering if anyone could help out.

It seems that I am getting some problems with the line “String taskName = taskNameEditText.getText().toString();” under but could not pinpoint the problem.

As you know a total beginner and any help would be appreciated.

What is the error you are getting? Make sure the control is been set correctly. With the findViewById() method in the on create method. Or this would fail. I will check your attached code later when I have a chance

Thanks NightStalker, I debugged the problem. Instead of putting the android:id for the add_task.xml to indicate something being entered, I put android:layout and was therefore causing the problem. Thanks.