Android applications

which one is better?wats app ot we chat?

Both are pretty similar when it comes to their use, why not give both a try to see what seems better for you? In the end, it’s you who’s going to use it. You also need to consider what your friends and family (or whoever you want to use it with) use.

I think what’s app is better than we chat…i like what’s app…
we chat provides voice messaging but now in the updated version What’s app also provide this feature…

Both are interesting. And what app is better for IPhone?

whatsapp is cool and I heard some good stuffs about Line…free calling and all , haven’t tried it though :slight_smile:

You guys should try LINE its much better!

We Chat is an awesome app…

From now on, if you want to contribute to this thread, please tell WHY you like the one, the other, or something else entirely. And if your reasons have already been said by someone else, there is no need to repeat.
Thank you all.