Android App of All Time

I am on research for best mobile application, what do you think the best mobile application of all time (in any mobile platform)?

That is a completely impossible question to answer. It’s far too vague as there are too many criteria to deal with. Do you look at downloads? Do you look at the app that has made the most money? If so, are you looking at initial cost, or add-ons?

The answer is simple: Facebook :smiley:


If you’re talking usage, there are others which would be in competition (instagram and twitter off the top of my head).

If you’re talking quality of app…uhmm, no. I know a number of people who’ve uninstalled it because it’s a battery killer…

So I would be interested in your reasoning behind your answer…

Drains ya battery?

Hence why I would question it being the “best” app of all time…

there is many best application in android but one thing you are search mobile app in which type of you are fininding like games and education , wearble device but in main concern is that android app are not secure .

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