Ancient Table Layout help

Hi lovely web pros,

Okay, so I’m working with this client. She has a table layout from a web template.

She requested a form on the front page. I’m thinking at the bottom in the middle column. “after high quality service”

Any suggestions? Cough* codes? :wink:

I have the code for the form area like name, email, text box, submit.

When I learned web design and coding, I went straight to HTML, XHTML and CSS.

I only learned small things for tables. I can add content to her page just fine.

What you suggested is exactly what I would do. Put it right under that paragraph then add an image to the left with the same effects as all the other ones. Style the form boxes and fields and it could look really good!

with the names for the textfields and textarea you have the basics in place. How the message will be send depends on a few things. I don’t know, for example, if you use PHP for the coding? If so you can use PHP for sending the email. Otherwise you could use CGI