Anchor padding work after visited not before

hey all. i got this website. and i made a class top and gave it padding{0px 20px;} but i see when i visit those pages only then those padding are applied. whereas i want them on every state, in my css they r applied in all 4 state but not applying on page?

Here is your problem:

ul li,[COLOR="Red"]a:link[/COLOR]{list-style:none; [COLOR="Red"]margin:-10px[/COLOR]; color:#FFF;}

EDIT: by the way, your page title has a misspelling: “Scoial” instead of “Social”?

that margin is for ul and li that is on right side. i m talking about top horizontal menu.btw thanks for the heads up for typo

Look at this part of the rule:

a:link{list-style:none; margin:-10px; color:#FFF;}

That is applying to the <a> links in your horizontal menu. :wink:

if i remove that. it disturb things so much in the ul as well as footer menu. i need to find a quick solution to it.? is there

He’s saying just make this rule

ul li,a:link{list-style:none; margin:-10px; color:#FFF;}


ul li{list-style:none; margin:-10px; color:#FFF;}

THough you shouldn’t be using such general selectors such as “ul li” because that will apply to every <li> inside of a <ul> :slight_smile: {margin:0;}