Anchor link inside same tab

Thank you.

Yes I found out about it.

Though it might very easily be that I am missing something, I think I’ve found a “bug”, common to both suggestion on your post #17, and one present with only the latter:
Please use thes new links
ttri dot biz/fz_test/01 uses the latter code
ttri dot biz/fz_test/02 uses the first (//return false)

When linking to tab 1 of page_x the tab is not highlighted, whereas it is if link goes to other tabs.
I have added links both on first tab of index, and on footer in all pages

Second bug seems to be peculiar of the latter code of post #17
When using the footer link of page_x to go to tab 1 on index the behaviour is correct, but when using the first tab on the given page to link to tab 1 on index this is what happens:
panel is blank, tabs are of page 2, but in address bar is index the tabs now all link to thier corresponding panel in index but when clicked display the corresponding panel of page_x.

Thank you

You don’t have the correct href in the nav for tab1 in page2 but you do in all the other tabs.

<div class="fz-intro-link"> <a class="link-01 linkfirst" href="index.php#item-1a">

It should be:

  <div class="fz-intro-link"> <a class="link-01 linkfirst" href="#item-1a">


<ul class="nav navbar-nav">
              <div class="fz-intro-link"> <a class="link-01 linkfirst" href="#item-1a">
                <div id="fz-hover-slide-1"><i class="fa fa-picture-o"></i>page_2 home</div>
                <i class="fa fa-picture-o"></i>page_2 home </a> </div>

The js is expecting the nav menu on the left to be #item-1a, #item-2a, #item-3a on all pages because there is no need to load the whole page when swapping tabs on the same page.

If you check my 3 original pages they don’t have this problem so correct the html in this page and check the other pages and the we can look at the other issues if they still arise. :smile:

Nothing to do with the above but note you can’t put an hr outside of a list item as all content in a ul must be within each ‘li’ pair.

<li><a href="index.php#item-5a">index tab 5</a></li>
<hr />
<li><a class="tablink" data-destination="1" href="#item-1a">tab 1 page 2</a></li>

The hr cannot exist in that point as no tags are allowed there. The hr should be inside the list.


<li><a href="index.php#item-5a">index tab 5</a>  <hr /> </li>  
<li><a class="tablink" data-destination="1" href="#item-1a">tab 1 page 2</a></li>

First of all my apologies for the very belated reply … just couldn’t manage any sooner.

Thank you.

Obviously once again it was me missing the point, to my defense I shall say that I had clear your solution, I just didn’t consider the difference of tab links with other links on the page, or panel content, and tried a “design” change based on the following, as while going on new needs arose:

  • pages should have 5 tabs
  • given the above the extra info should be presented in new pages with different tab content (thus adding 5 extra tabs)
  • at this point to be consistent and trying to make navigation more user friendly so that the home page would always be reachable, and clearly visible I thought to have the first tab always pointing to index#item-1, also meant to avoid duplicate content on the extra pages, which now I understand is not possible due to the original tab design.

I’ll think of an alternate way, perhaps making the logo link to homepage.

Fixing the tab link also takes care of the second behaviour, however I noticed that both post #17 suggestions make the page jump, at this point I know is something else ** I** am missing again!

Thanks for the heads-up on the hr tag, though I did it quickly to put up the sample, which would have been removed is no excuse for such elementary error.

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