Anchor / bookmark issue with IE

I am using a bookmark and anchor to go to the middle of a page. I have a list of projects on the left and when one is clicked it brings up a new page with photos of that project (and I start in the middle, so user doesn’t have to scroll down past navigation and such each time a new project is selected). In Firefox and Opera, the action is smooth. You click and there are the pictures, it doesn’t seem as though it’s a new page. But with IE (version 6) there is a flash or blink when the new page appears. Perhaps reloading? Is there anyway to prevent this in IE? Thank you.

Cleaning up the anchor point did help. And I will still also try the FOUC remedy again tomorrow. Perhaps it will work now that the anchor issue has been corrected.

I had several other people look at the site in IE today, and they didn’t think it was so bad. So perhaps Stevie you are correct, and I am looking too closely at it. That’s the easy solution anyways.

And I will take a look at using JavaScript in the future. Thanks Ralph for making the point about JavaScript as an enhancement. Makes sense.

Thank you all for your time and suggestions.

You are hopefully using an id for the anchor point since not all browsers accept a name.

<div id=“sectiontop”>

You only need to use an <a> tag with a name for Netscape 4.

All the click basically means is that you are using Internet Explorer and not one of the other browsers.

As for why the #sectiontop isn’t going anywhere - that is because there is no such id in the page.

It could be what’s known as FOUC. See if that helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you, but that didn’t help in my case. Here’s the site:

FYI: I’ve change the anchor / name from inside the DIV, to anchor outside (blank), and then read where the anchor shouldn’t be blank, so then added the comment symbol inside the anchor (as currently stands). When a project is clicked on, the new page should be displayed and moved down to the bookmark. Other than the first time, the pages should all be at the bookmark. In Firefox and Opera the pictures appear smoothly, doesn’t look like a page is loading. But IE you see the load every time, even if that project was selected before and stored in cache.

To be honest, I think you’re worrying too much about it. Yes, as the site’s designer, you notice every little detail like a momentary pause, but the chances of your visitors noticing it are small, the chances of them being bothered by it are even smaller, and the chances of you losing any custom because of it are minute. People are used to lag and latency when they browse the web, particularly if they use IE, and they aren’t going to care about a fraction of a second pause while a page loads and slots into place.

I removed the “sectiontop” anchor as you suggested. Am now using the div id=“main” for the bookmark place (projects_bath1.htm#main") instead of the <a> tag.

Perhaps I will try the FOUC remedy again? Maybe it was a combination of that and the use of the <a> tag.

I would really like to make this work, does great in the other browsers, but if not. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to redesign the page for the same effect? I never liked frames, but that was a long time ago. I’d like to keep it all simple and accessible to all, so also was trying to avoid Javascript.

Thank you for your suggestions. Diane.

JavaScript doesn’t imply inaccessibility. Only bad JavaScript does. JS functionality can be designed so that it is an enhancement to an already functioning page. You just get a nicer experience with JavaScript on.

Thank you Stephen. I removed the anchor point sectiontop, and am using div id=“main” . Thank you for that info - I have a lot to learn yet.

However, IE still does that same thing. Like it’s just taking a long time to reload the page each time. Also noticed that there is a Click sound when the project item is selected. This doesn’t happen with Firefox or Opera - not sure it means anything.

I appreciate your suggestion. Got any more? I’m very frustrated over this one. I would like to make this work.

Thanks, Diane