Analyze This, what would you do with Apple's ResearchKit

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Sorry, my second Apple related newsletter editorial in a row. I’m not biased, I don’t even own an iDevice.

The news that Apple’s ResearchKit has already spawned over 100,000 apps was an amazing piece of news that I couldn’t resist getting your opinions on.

There have been two main issues holding back medical professionals from utilzing technology in their work. One is getting access to reliable data, the other is having the time to analyze the results and react accordingly.

In many ways technology can help with the first issue, but has the potential to make the second problem even worse as data deluges medical professionals.

Many of the example apps created so far with ResearchKit focus on allowing users to leverage medical knowledge for basic diagnosis and tracking, maybe prompting a doctor visit. The apps are often reporting data back to Medical researchers and thus helping everyone in understanding conditions and getting the data needed for thorough analysis.

It’s an almost perfect use of these devices that we spend so much time with. I’d love to hear your ideas on the potential of the SDK and what you would, or would like to see, created with it.

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