Analytics showing inconsistent visitors

For example,

849 people visited this site

* 543      Visits 

* 849      Absolute Unique Visitors 

* 840       Pageviews 

so I should believe the 849 figure? because the graph says 543?

What analytics? Google Analytics? Can you post a screenshot?

Yes it is Google Analytics, or G/A…
thanks for trying to help but I see no relevance as to how a screenshot would make?
I copied and pasted what is there.
the question is still valid. 543 makes no sense and I check these everyday, “unfortuantely”.

I agree.

Now what shall we do, given that we have no evidence to look at? Maybe you’re misunderstanding the stats. Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. Maybe GA is faulty. But as you’ve provided no evidence to look at, we’ll just have to play guessing games.

Why not just post a screenshot so we can verify the above points? It needn’t contain any identifying information. And you never know, someone might just be able to help. :slight_smile: