Analytics removes 'Old Version' - who likes this thing?

Discovered logging in today they actually did the unthinkable. Removed the so called ‘Old Version’

Can you still get an overview of the sites? Where you can get a snapshot glance of everything going on with the sites?

Everything seems buried, quite tough to get to.

Why would they take a perfectly good, intuitive thing and turn it into this?

UPDATE: Hey - got lucky - they hid the old version at the bottom bar now.
although their instructions for the new interface say go to : all accounts > account list > show visits

Well mine has not “show visits” . It only lists the individual accounts with each one of them listed as “default” Maybe I need to choose a new default with this interface, don’t know, and don’t see where to do it. This interface is confusing.

You can always revert back your Google Analytics account to old. Here’s my Screen Caps.

– Wayne.

Old Version gone prenatally now. And start learning new it has a-lot of new feature for webmasters.

This sounds pretty much like the Facebook’s Timeline update thing. When something new has been released for the users, I think it would be best if you learned the stuff that you need to learn just to prepare for the time when they’re ready to scrap the old version.

No, the old version is at the lower part of the Google Analytics. >> (Old version - Reporting) >>

i stopped using them… but you can still use the old version by switching back to it.

The old version has been depreciated and removed for most, if not all, accounts.

As technology movies forward that’s how SaaS services almost always work. You can only maintain the “old style” for so long.

Yes. I do agree with you. New version has a lot of new features especially like SMO activities track…

Hence , i do urge you all to learn how to use the new version.