Analytics JS libraries

I was looking for an analytics library. I find a few good open sources.

The people who have experience dealing with such libraries, what would they choose. Both seem promising.

I had a discussion here between vue.js vs react, and the discussion was quite fruitful to take the decision →

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This article gave a certain real insight→

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Ok just for clarification, you know that analytics is different than charting libraries right? Analytics is things like Google Analytics for tracking visitors on a site (the study of analysis of data or statistics).

What you are talking about is charting libraries for building charts, graphs and plots right? If that is the case, I am a fan of highcharts and to some extent amcharts. I have certainly heard lots of D3.js but I haven’t used it much myself.

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I do know the difference, maybe technical grammar was missing. If moderators want they can modify the topic.

Can you make a technical summary why you love it. Keeping in mind the time required to learn that library, prospective application. Thanks.

For highcharts it is primarily because of its ease of use, but also because of the API. You see there are chart libraries that are good at making charts the first time. But then offer little in the way of dynamically manipulating the chart later (through JavaScript). Highcharts offers a lot of chart manipulation where you can feed data in dynamically, alter parts of the chart on the fly and really do things quickly to change its data.

amcharts is also pretty configurable. You can find more at their site…

Now both of these libraries are pretty slick and offer some pretty good modern looks. Below is even one example I put on my codepen a while ago which was forked from an example they had…


Hi there,

The article that I shared here had a very clear distinction between d3/chart js. You have added two more options. If you would be starting again, which library will you choose to learn considering:

  1. Easy documentation.
  2. Less time to get the knack.
  3. Significant objectives can be achieved.


  1. D3.js,
  2. chart.js,
  3. highcharts, and
  4. amcharts

Well ultimately, the choice is yours. You have a list there. Like languages, we can make recommendations, but you have to go with what makes sense to you and your project. Sometimes one library works better than another for a given project. Try a few of them out and see what works for you. Put them in codepen or something and try to play around. The barrier to entry with these things are low so you don’t have to buy before you try.

Good luck to you.

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Thanks, sir what will be the right technical term for such progress bar that changes background in animated form?

So far I have identified them as progress bars.

That is what it is… an animated progress bar. It shows the progress visually in a bar format. Whether it does that with a static color or is animated, makes no difference. It is a progress bar none the less.

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