Analytics and mobile subdomain

is there a good way to accurately get the visitor traffic source on a mobile website subdomain?

right now all traffic shows as referred in g/a for the m.subdomain coming from the site. Yes they use the same g/a code

Thanks for any help.

Hi Lukkas,

While it certainly is easier when you have a separate web property or a multi-domain snippet set up in GA, it’s still possible to see visits for separate domains in a digestible manner.

By utilising GA’s Advanced Segments, you should be able to achieve this.

If you’re using the new version of GA, simply head over to your dashboard like you normally would and hit the Advanced Segments button. The pane that comes up has a “+ New Custom Segment” button, click that and you’ll be presented with a section where you can enter your filter options.

If you include the hostname and set it to your mobile domain. Name the segment and then test/preview/save it.

Now when you click on the Advanced Segments button, you’ll see your custom segment listed there. If you enable both “All visits” and your custom segment, you’ll get a good overview of what part of your visitors comes in on the mobile site.

Hope this helped :slight_smile: