An upward toggle


How to make the bottom nav to go upward (stay visible in screen) when toglling in small devices?
Here is the sample page:
ttri dot biz/fz_test

Thank you

Your site just went offline while I was looking at it but it seems that you need to set the navbar in the footer to position absolute in a 768px max-width media query.

If you set the navbar to around bottom:3.6em it will start above the toggle menu. Also set left and right to 0 and give the nav a background-color so it will show when it goes upwards.

You will need to increase the z-index of .footer to 10 to make sure the menu is on top.

You will also probably need to change the caret to downwards on your dropup item as it will be a dropdown item on the mobile menu. (You can do this by changing the border on the caret).

As your site went offline I lost the code I was live testing with but the above is what you need to do,

Thank you.

Flawless as usual.

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