An interesting find in the codepen email this afternoon

Just thought someone might find this of interest. It’s a self contained quiz of sorts which works through specificity and css selection to ensure you understand exactly what you’re selecting…

You can tell I’ve not worked heavily in HTML/CSS lately. I’m a bit rusty :shifty:


I always have to look up the attribute & nth-child selectors as I tend not to remember things I can easily look up :slight_smile:


Tried it last night and got 2 wrong. :open_mouth:
The first was the adjacent sibling, forgot which symbol was adjacent and which was just sibling. Changed my mind, then got it wrong.
I think the second one was one of the nth-child ones toward the end.


I did worse… :frowning:


Piece of cake because I couldn’t help cheating. :blush:

Before starting the test I couldn’t compute the “all and only” expression looking at the right code snippet and as I wanted to do it right I read the code above for guidance.

So, I happened to read all the 25 questions and their correct answers in advance in the JS part and that it was ordered randomly at each time.

Anyway, it was a good training and I think I learned some Javascript too. :smiley:


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