An India company copied our company model image and product description

An India company copied our company model image and products description,I have told the website owner,but he doesn’t care about this thing. how should i do? thank u.

Send a DMCA takedown to the host.

That should be enough. If not, come back here and i’ll help you out :slight_smile:

kindly for u reply.i don’t know where is the site host is.

the site:

This should be enough information to get you there:

Where the site is hosted:

And the other finer details from the whois:

I have wrote two emails to the host. and leave a message to them. but they also didn’t give me any response. you said you help me? thank u.

Did you send a DMCA, are you prepared for the DMCA proceedings?

i am sorry, i don’t know how to do it. i only wrote two email which said the india site copy our company site.please remove it.

You can find information about sending a DMCA takedown notice if you do a quick search. For example: