An effective META description for

Hi guys!

I’m starting a tour company that does private van/car tours in and around the Bangkok area.

The keywords I’ve focused on in the content of the site is ‘tour package bangkok’ and my URL is

I’m interested in what meta description you guys think would be most effective in the all mighty eyes of GOOGLE and what would be the most effective ‘call to action’ in the customers eyes.

Thanks in advance - appreciate the feedback.

Just write naturally. The meta description is really not that important.

I’ll disagree with that. The <meta description> is critically important, because that’s the second thing that anyone finding your site through a search engine sees, after the <title>. If you’ve written a good description, it can stand out on the search results page from the other sites that either have snippets extracted from the body text or badly written descriptions - which may be too generic, or may be keyword stuffed, or not address the likely needs of surfers.

No, the description won’t influence where your site appears in the search results, but it can have a massive impact on the number of people who click through to your site.

Just try include your main keywords in the description; make it look natural. The ideal description for Google optimization is 156 characters.

I completely agree with this point.Just write description in natural way with using as much as keywords you can.And go for some link building techniques for improving traffic like article submission,directory submission,social bookmarking and networking,blog commenting,guest blogging,video submission,e.t.c