Amazon S3


Does anyone know if Amazon S3 allows you to generate links to files that expire?

I am looking to create an MP3 store using Amazon S3 and the PayPal IPN.

The only way I can protect everyone from downloading the files is to generate a link when PayPal payment is successful, that 1. expires within 24 hours and 2. expires once the download is complete.


I’m not sure whether S3 does this, but another approach is to set an expiry date on the download link itself. I use LinkLok, which is very easy to set up and works really well.

I can serve the link through mysite.php?trans_id=whatever and set that to expire after 24 hours, but if the user clicks this, I believe if you really wanted to you could look at packets and locate the download URL?


I beleieve you will be able to get better answer once you contact service provider directly

In general I really do not like Amazon service. I have tried to use it, but you know the worse thing is that when I have selected European location (as it has two options US and Europe) the ping time was about 250 which is super long ping :slight_smile:
I actually do not know what purpose should be of amazon service, cause they are really expensive and the load time of their cloud is really overloaded…(but that was my opinion- no offense to amazon fans)

Don’t you think OP is located not next door to you. It might have poor connection speed on your end, but not on his or her.

Ok let me clarify how I have tried to ping Amazon Europe server. As we have our servers located in UK, NL, DE, LT and SG. I have picked German server which pinged me 250 the server have 100Mbps connection…I think it is enough info about it :slight_smile: