Amazon Mobile store

I want to see how amazon mobile store looks like. I dont have iphone or BB for browsing the store.

Please help me out:

  1. either by providing screen of amazon mobile sotre
  2. any technic where i can see the store in mobile formate

Any help . Thanks in advance.

Well you have some options…

You can either download a free emulator to test how it looks:

Or you could simply visit their mobile friendly site: :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing the links but could you please send me a walkthrough for downloading the emulator.

You probably want to use the real blackberry emulators from RIMM – the linked demo is just an app that fakes mobile browsers. They come with a manual that should let help you using it.

PS: You did try and ask a friend with a BB or iPhone to see the app, right?

Thanks everyone for support. This is very helpful.